3 Killer Habits That Cause Major Heating Repair In The Woodlands TX

For most residents of The Woodlands and south, when the temperature drops below 60, we start firing up our fireplaces or cranking up the heat. We are used to that Texas heat even in December and January when 75 degrees is a regular thing. In The Woodlands AC repair industry, there’s always a spike of repair calls come mid-January during colder winters. Most residents think their units are just old or parts have worn out normally. You would be surprised to know that when it comes to AC repair The Woodlands most common service calls are preventable by realizing bad HVAC maintenance and usage habits. These top three habits are the most common culprits in The Woodlands AC repair industry.

It’s Meant To WARM Your House, Not Smoke a Brisket.

While we understand Texas residents aren’t acclimated  to the cold weather very well, most AC Repair The Woodlands residents call for is due to overworking  their unit in winter.  Sure, the thermostat  can be set to 98 degrees, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do. A car will go 140mph on the speedometer, but try that on Grand Parkway and let us know how much the ticket is. Keep the thermostat no higher than 75 degrees, anything above that is not only ridiculously expensive in energy costs; that unit will knock out on you faster than a Ronda Rousey comeback. Too soon? Well, that’s what you will be saying when you have to replace your unit only halfway through the life expectancy of the unit. The Woodlands AC Repair stats don’t lie, so heed our advice and chill out on the heat a bit. (Our puns are ice cold)

Do You Love The Smell Of Air Pollution In The Morning?

Your HVAC unit sucks, air that is. It sucks air from the environment around you and forces it through a furnace. The air comes out nice and toasty….and full of contaminants if you don’t change the filters. Filters are just like Instagram, they keep out what’s bad in the air and gives this nice clean sanitized version, much like a 6am “woke up like this” selfie. (Yes, we know your secrets)When you don’t change the filters they become clogged and your system literally pulls an Odell Beckham and chokes. This can cause everything from a burnt motor to a serious decrease in efficiency.  Treat your heater like your snapchat, get excited about changing filters regularly.

Love Making Us Rich?

Listen, if you are just so wealthy that you have extra money to throw at us, we won’t complain. But let’s keep it real, the economy isn’t exactly booming like the 80’s. When you skip preventative maintenance on your unit, you are basically setting yourself up for a huge bill down the road. The scary thing is it can sneak up on you like a Clemson last second touchdown pass. (Roll What?) Preventative maintenance is called that for a reason; it prevents bigger problems by keeping your unit running smooth and at high efficiency.

Are You Not Entertained?

If our punny humor didn’t do anything for you, we know this education in HVAC care did. This is our business and we are the best at it. When you need the best in The Woodlands AC Repair, contact Cypress Creek AC for a free consultation.