Is AC Repair Spring TX Worth [$] To You?

Welcome to Texas, where everything is bigger including the air conditioning units. Everyone in South Texas knows that summers here can really beat you down with temperatures hovering well over 90 degrees most of the season. We all know that hell hath no fury like a broke down AC unit during a Texas summer. Most AC Repair Spring TX pros will tell you that too many AC units give out during this hot season and they don’t have to. That’s right, they don’t have to. The problem is too many people forego regular maintenance on their units and end up spending thousands more to replace them because they break beyond repair. So you have to ask yourself, is it worth paying an AC Repair Spring TX professional to maintain your unit? The answer is a resounding YES!


Most AC Repair Spring TX companies report the average repair cost on a unit to be between$175 and $510.  When you compare that to the cost of a new unit being around $8,000 for a decent system, that really isn’t a bad deal. Taking care of the minor repairs and preventative maintenance early will prolong the life of your unit and give you the maximum return on such a large investment. When you let symptoms go on untreated they can cause other components to have a shortened life and possibly render your unit irreparable. So the old saying rings true, pay a little now, or pay a lot later.


It is not enough to just have a technician come out once every couple of years to check on your AC unit. When AC Repair Spring TX professionals visit a home at least twice a year for seasonal tune-ups, they report that those homes see a much longer life from their units than homeowners that only call once every couple of years. Your AC unit is much like a car, it needs regular preventative maintenance not so much to fix a problem , but to detect problems in the making and prevent it from causing more damage. Services like replacing fuses, lubricating moving parts, cleaning the coils, checking thermostat accuracy; All of these services help reveal any early signs of component failure and at the very least keep the unit running healthy and not working harder to account for poor performance. Most seasonal tune-ups cost only about  $120.00 and also give you a clue to how much longer your system will last, so you can save for a new unit when that time comes.


The real question is How Much Is AC Repair worth to you? It’s been well established that it is worth every dollar to properly maintain your unit vs. limiting its life and spending thousands on a new unit. When you deal with the professionals at Cypress Creek AC Repair Spring TX residents like yourself are getting the best in HVAC service. We provide an honest diagnostic of your system and give you realistic, practical options to correcting any problems with your unit. All you have to do is contact us to schedule a consultation.