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Houston AC Repair Spotlight: Smart Thermostats

Until recently, many Houston homeowners had not associated their home AC systems with smart technology. As the number one Houston AC Repair shop has to offer, we always try to keep our customers on the forefront of new HVAC technology. Few people realize there is even such a thing as a “Smart” thermostat let alone an Houston AC Repair company that carries or installs them. Quietly but rapidly the smart thermostat movement has boomed and become a very viable, albeit more expensive alternative the traditional thermostats Houston AC Repair techs have noticed a rise though in people requesting models such as the Nest. Matthew McConaughey famous for his acting, even endorses them when not making strange Lincoln commercials.

So what is all the buzz about, that so many Houston AC Repair shops are getting bombarded with requests for these new modern twists on an old device? There have been many reviews and reports on these thermostats and they are becoming very popular.  Some of you may be asking “Why?” Well, there are many reasons, and all of them make perfect sense. We will cover some of the bases and you can decide for yourself if a smart thermostat is worth the extra money and hassle of switching.

Why a smart thermostat?
The most driving force is the skyrocketing price of energy in Houston over the past 10 years. Smart thermostats are a proven tool in managing a homes cooling and heating more efficiently as at least 50% of Houston households energy is consumed through heating and cooling systems.
Also, the popularity of smart features found in many of our everyday devices like phones, tablets, watches and TV’s make smart tech very affordable. Say you go on vacation and forget to turn off the AC? With a smart thermostat you can turn it off from across the country via your smart phone connected via the internet.

What is a smart thermostat?
A traditional thermostat controls your heating and cooling system with just a dial or localized buttons. A smart thermostat is completely digital and features remote operation in most cases via a smartphone application.
Smart thermostats also allow you to automatically change the temp based on the time of day and can be changed on the fly remotely using your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Some smart thermostats even learn your cooling or heating habits and automatically learn your patterns and adjust. The money saving part is also an important factor. Smart thermostats also keep track of your energy consumption with real time reports on display, which curbs over usage.

The next step?
In next weeks post we will cover why a smart thermostat is good for your home and the many types of smart thermostats there are available now. For expert help from the best Houston AC Repair company regarding smart thermostats, please visit us next week when we continue on smart thermostats. We’ve been serving the North Harris and South Montgomery County areas since 1980. We strive to have the most educated clients in the business so we inform you on technologies that can save you money.

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Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Keeping your home in top condition is a year-round job, but oftentimes, necessary chores get put on hold during the cold, winter months. Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to complete your home maintenance to-do list. When you do, be sure to include the following essential tasks:

Get the gutters and roof checked. Winter weather can leave your roof and gutters in poor shape and your interior spaces vulnerable to water damage from spring rains. You can head off potential problems before they occur by getting your roof inspected and having your gutters cleaned and fixed.

Book a professional energy audit. With another hot and humid cooling season on the way, now’s the time to schedule an energy audit to help boost your home’s energy efficiency. Using specialized assessment tools, such as a blower door test and thermal imaging, an experienced auditor can identify deficiencies that need your attention, such as insufficient insulation and air leaks.

Schedule professional A/C maintenance. Having your HVAC system serviced in the spring can ensure efficient operation, increase home comfort and decrease summer energy bills. While performing preventative maintenance, a NATE-certified technician can also catch and correct small issues before they become serious problems.

Take care of minor plumbing problems. Have a plumber fix clogged or slow drains and leaky water lines to prevent backups and severe leaks that result in costly, extensive water damage. It’s wise to have dripping faucets and shower heads addressed, as well, to stop unnecessary hot water waste.

Have your water heater flushed. During the visit, have your plumber drain and flush your water heater tank to get rid of accumulated sediment that can block heat transfer and reduce energy efficiency. Performing this preventative maintenance task regularly can also keep sediment from building up and ruining your tank due to overheating.

For expert help tackling the items on your spring home maintenance to-do list, contactCypress Creek Air Conditioning – Heat today. We’ve been serving the North Harris and South Montgomery County areas since 1980.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Houston, Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality w/ These Simple Maintenance Tips

In the United States, at least 25 percent of homes harbor potentially unsafe particulates. That’s a pretty shocking number. Indoor air quality is a huge concern for all homes, even if you don’t currently have any issues — or any that you know of. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality and the overall safety of your home.

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What Are Some Basic HVAC Air Duct Principles?

HVAC systems available today offer superior efficiency and comfort-driven components compared to heat pumps and A/Cs manufactured a decade ago. However, all these new hi-tech components and features will fall short without the support of good duct design using the following HVAC air duct principles:

  • Approved duct materials: Today, more options for duct materials are available. Sheet metal is the conventional choice, and works effectively if sealed and installed well. Another popular choice in recent years has been flex ducts, which are basically insulation tubes wrapped in malleable metal. Since flex ducts are insulated, they can be installed in crawl spaces and attics with negligible heat gain/loss issues. Metal ducts should be insulated if installed in these spaces.
  • Duct layout: Ideally, ducts should be installed inside the insulated areas of the home. Temperature extremes in attics and ventilated crawl spaces compromise airflow temperatures from the heat pump to the supply registers. Sealed chases, raised floors and drop ceilings are good places for ductwork.
  • Duct sizing: Duct sizing involves several calculations for air movement per minute, room size, return side and more. Over-sized ducts lose or gain heat energy. Ducts that are too small are noisy and put strain on the blower and duct seams. Leaks often develop and the blower motor can fail early.
  • Fine-tuning airflow: Good duct sizing principles balance supply and return airflow. You may also request manual dampers installed in the branches to fine-tune airflow to each room. Automatic duct dampers are available in zoning systems for ultimate efficiency, convenience and comfort.
  • Sealing and testing: Duct portions don’t snap or screw together like pieces in a puzzle or piping. Reliable and approved sealing materials must be used to ensure long-lasting seals. A gooey substance called mastic seals fine gaps at the seams. Heat-resistant metal tape should finish the job. Ducts should be blower-door tested before final approval.

Work closely with an HVAC contractor that follows HVAC air duct principles to the letter. Contact the pros at Cypress Creek Air Conditioning-Heat for the best results in your north Harris/south Montgomery county home.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Houston, Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).