The Big Thermostat Mistake: How To Avoid A Huge Electric Bill

Our main goal at Cypress Creek AC is to be the best Houston AC repair company due to our

integrity and expertise. One of the ways we exhibit that is by educating our customers on how to make

their HVAC systems last longer, work more efficiently, and have a comfortable home without a

burdening energy bill. Having a cool home during the summer doesn’t mean you have to waste energy!

In fact, if you haven’t scheduled your summer maintenance with us, that is one excellent way to save

money right when the summer heat kicks in. A properly tuned HVAC system won’t lose its efficiency due

to wear and tear until near the end of its duty life.


How One Simple Life Hack Can Make All The Difference

You don’t have to wait until you schedule an appointment with a Houston AC repair company to begin

saving money. There is one simple life hack that can save you money and add years of life to your unit.

This one simple thing doesn’t require much more than understanding the basics of how a thermostat

works to keep your home cool. In fact, most people completely misunderstand how their thermostat

works and that’s where the trouble starts.


The Big Thermostat Mistake

We know Houston can get unbearable during the Summer, and so many people are tempted to drop the

thermostat down to it’s coldest setting in order to obtain a comfortable temperature. Most thermostats

go as low as 59°F – but do not make this mistake! This can severely impact your energy bill and shorten

the life of your unit.


There are two reasons why this method of cooling your home is actually counter-productive and

expensive. The first reason is, lowering it to such a cold temperature does not make the AC system cool

the home faster. It just makes the compressor run for a longer period of time until it reaches the

temperature you set. This wastes energy like you wouldn’t believe, wears out the compressor faster and

ends up making the house too cold to even be comfortable. Think of it like cooling off after mowing the

lawn by sitting in a tub of ice. Sure it will cool you down, but it’s too much, too quick and then it’s



The second reason this is a huge mistake is that it is counter-productive. This is because the greater the

difference in temperature between the interior of your home and the temperature outside, the faster

the house actually absorbs heat. In contrast the higher the thermostat is set, the temperature gap is

closer and heat will not be absorbed as quickly. When you do this, it actually makes the house maintain

a cool temperature easier and makes your compressor run less. This is going to save you money in both

utilities and the cost of a Houston AC repair tech to replace a prematurely failing compressor.


Ideal Thermostat Settings For Your Home

Most Houston AC repair companies will give you the guidelines you need to keep your homes climate

comfortable while maximizing the life of your unit. The U.S. Department of Energy also has some great

information for conserving energy with smart thermostat setting suggestions. For our region, with our

humid climate, set the thermostat between 76°Fand 78°F when you are home and want it to be cool.

When you are not at home or when you are asleep (as your body temperature drops when sleeping) the

higher you set the thermostat the better. We recommend a setting of 6°F to 8°F warmer or more. By

using some form of these settings according to your comfort level, you could easily save up to 10% on

your energy bill during the summer season.


Smart Thermostats, Smart Savings

Another good idea to go hand in hand with this method is to invest in a programmable or “smart”

thermostat such as the Nest or any of the models available from many carriers. If you aren’t familiar

with the technology, it is a thermostat that actually learns your setting patterns and auto programs

itself to optimize for both comfort and energy savings. Many models even are wi-fi connected and can

adjust according to the forecast for your region.


Need The Best In Houston AC Repair?

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